Monday, 12 May 2008

Marine Protected Areas

Protected areas:

SACs and SPAs
Special protected areas (SPAs) were formed for the location of maritime migratory birds (SACs) are areas of protection for specified habitats and species of EU relevance

Marine nature reserves (MNR)
formed under the wildlife and countryside act 1981. The purpose to protect geological and physiological features along with conservation of Fauna and flora.

Highly protected marine reserves (HPMRs)
Formed in correlation with (NTZ) where all extractive activities are prohibited.

Voluntary Marine conservation areas (VMCA)

These sites are areas in which local communities protect areas with codes produced to protect a specific area.

The convergence of these protected area schemes through relation of such directives into a marine spatial planning using a streamline of a single body may allow an increase in efficiency to allow more sustainable of conservation to produce a effective answer to the protection of marine bio-diversity.

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