Monday, 12 May 2008

Intergrated coastal zone managment

The aim for the introduction of a marine spatial plan is to primarily enhance and sustain bio-diversity with a relation to renewable energy and other marine activities (tourism). The proposal is to produce management for the present and future long and short term. Therefore precise control on legal licence applications and development within the coastal zone. The factor of conflict between activities will play a major role rather that the requiring of licenses from more than one body.

The scope for marine spatial planning is to put in to place a system for the effective management of the marine environment, taking all stakeholders into consideration including the eco-system. Considering this, many areas of exclusion, for specific industries and habitats for species will be competing for recognition ranging from Ministry of Defence testing zones, oil and gas exclusion zones, fishing no take zones, Marine Nature Reserves (MNR’s) for marine species and habitats, Renewable energy exclusion zones, Special Areas of Conservation (SAC’s) for birds, underwater cables, tourism, cultural heritage, undersea mining and many other areas. As many areas of the U.K marine environment vary and an eco-system approach to the bill is being applied and the legislation will differ to suit the needs of the enforced environment and local industry.

Below image shows a proposal for intergrated Spatial Managment of the Coastal zone.

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